Celtic and roman artefacts af Nigel Mills Se fuld størrelse

Celtic and roman artefacts af Nigel Mills

Hundredevis af fotos og beskrivelser af keltiske og romerske oldsager

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From the author of Medieval Artefacts, this exciting new title is produced in full colour with over 450 Celtic and Roman artefacts beautifully illustrated in over 140 pages.
This superb book contains a wide cross-section of artefacts of the Celtic & Roman period including: - Bronze & Iron Age Artefacts - Fibula Brooches - Plate, Crossbow & Early Saxon Brooches - Buckles & Military Equipment - Locks, Keys & Knife Handles - Spoons, Cosmetic Grinders, Medical Implements & Seal Boxes - Jewellery - Cube Matrices, Lead Seals and Gaming Pieces - Pottery & Bronze Utensils - Steelyard Weights & Bronze Mounts - Figurines & Votive Objects - Genealogical Chart of Roman Gods - Select Bibliography.
Full price guide for every item in two grades of condition - Invaluable reference work.